A hero is someone right who doesn't change.

When not in church or on the road you can always catch me somewhere near my animals. We have a ranch in the Piney Woods of Marshall, Texas and there I have tons of different birds ostriches, turkeys, pigeons, and you name it. I love to just sit out and feed them to relax.

Marshall is located in the Piney Woods of Northeast Texas. Marshall is also the birthplace of George Foreman.


I have a big heart for all my animals, but I admit that raising and riding the horses are my favorite. I tend to boast about my Icelandic stallions and my Arabian horses. The Foreman Ranch is well-over 300 acres and it's really a "getaway." Goats, cows, llamas, donkeys, deer, and various other animals roam the many meadows and pastures on the ranch